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LED screen is more and more popular, and very close to our daily life. It can be seen in shopping malls, metro or train or airport stations, exhibition centers, command centers, schools, banks, civic squares, clubs, gas stations, even the billboard on the road, and so on. This widespread use of LED screens can be attributed to their superior display quality, energy efficiency, and versatility. As a result, LED screen factory manufacturers are working tirelessly to develop new and innovative products that cater to the needs of various industries. As a LED screen manufacturer with 20 years of experience, we can make most kinds of led displays with stable quality and leading design.
The main application scope of LED screen offered by the LED display factory includes Commercial display, Data Visualization, DOOH, Rental, staging and conference. As a leading LED display screen factory, Ledtop provides customers with a variety of solutions to adapt more application.
  • Concerts & Festivals
    Ledtop's Dragon series is a high-end curve-able led screen designed for the rental market.
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  • Church
    Curved P2.6 LED video wall is a perfect solution for churches to replace the traditional projection.
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  • Billboard & Signs
    16mm LED billboard in Louisiana Screen size: 75.49sqm Location: Louisiana
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  • High-End Retail
    45.5sqm indoor fixed P1.9 of Ledtop Visual, which use indoor Goku1.9 panel, vivid image/video attracts more people to stay and shop while waiting at the airport.
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  • Transportation
    There are many advantages to LED displays such as rich colors and high brightness, low power consumption large screen with seamless splicing.
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  • Conference Center
    LED screen is an excellent medium for publicity. The 125sqm indoor P3.9 screen of Ledtop Visual was applied in the Brand Launch in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ultra-light panel with only 5.5kg for fast installation with one person; Universal module, integrated power supply&receiving card+hub for fast replacement; high refresh rate and good gray level for excellent performance.
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  • TV Studio
    The long-term cooperation between customers and us is based on the understanding of the company and the high quality of the products.
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  • Sports
    The lamps adopt unique packing technology, with high brightness and high protection characteristics.
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About Ledtop

About Ledtop

About Ledtop


About Ledtop

An experienced custom LED display company with over 20 years of expertise in the LED display industry.

We have a golden team with an average age of about 30 years old. Our youth is not only age but also the innovative spirit of daring to dream and pursue dreams. As an experienced LED display supplier,our team designs and owns a number of patents, constantly working on more creative and competitive products.    

Our mission -- to achieve the perfect customer experience with reliability, loyalty, and responsibility. 

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Jun 14 2024

LEDTOP meet you at the 2024 InfoComm USA
On June 12, the highly anticipated InfoComm 2024 USA officially kicked off in Las Vegas. LEDTOP is showing the new products at the exhibition!Welcome to our booth and experience the surprising moments...
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