As a Chinese rental LED display factory/supplier, we offer Chinese-style product names such as Dragon, GUKO, Tiger, and Mural, each with its unique design and features. Dragon, in particular, is a popular and versatile option that can be used in both indoor and outdoor rental applications.

Types of China Indoor & Outdoor Rental Led Screen

Outdoor And Indoor LED Screen For Rent

Outdoor And Indoor LED Screen For Rent

Dragon 2.6 is an indoor LED display. This product offers ultra brightness 800cd/㎡, with wide viewing angles and short viewing distances. Refresh frequently ≥3000Hz
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Indoor LED Screen Rental

Indoor LED Screen Rental

Curve function and Easy installation
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FAQs of China LED Screen Rental

Q: Is your LED display waterproof?

A: Yes, our Dragon series are suitable for both indoor and outdoor rental. The degree of protection reaches IP65.

Q: Do you know the 4 series of our current products?

A: We have Tiger, Dragon, Mural, and GOKU series.

Q: What is A Church Video Wall?

A: A church video wall is designed to display a particular congregation, religious venues, and events. It can deliver your worship service and message in an eye-catching way. LED church screen can be the wisest choice among these different displaying technologies because of its affordable, multi-functional, and high-standard visual performance features.

You can show almost all kinds of materials such as song lyrics, announcements, sermon points, and videos for your entire congregation.

Q: How much time the set-up will cost?

A: Our Dragon, DT, and Tiger rental series screens are easy to assemble, just lock the upper, lower, and side locks. The cabinet is light, and it is no problem to set-up it up by one person. Of course, the installation time still depends on the area of the screen.

Q: Does the fixed LED display consume a lot of power?

A: Compared with previous technologies, LED displays in recent years have not consumed so much power. Especially indoor fixed LED display. Our GOKU and Mural series are mainly used in high-end retail, supermarkets, entertainment venues, etc. We can provide you with very energy-saving solutions.

The Importance of LED Screen Rental

The Importance of LED Screen Rental
The Importance of LED Screen Rental
  • Versatility: With an almost infinite range of sizes and configurations available, rental LED screen can offer the flexibility and versatility to cater to any event or business need. For instance, they can be easily customized to display live video and graphics, promotional content, messaging, or anything else required.

  • Enhances Advertising Impact: LED display screen for rent is also ideal for advertising and promotional events, as they allow businesses to display their products and services vividly. Bright, clear LEDs on the rental LED screen highly impact advertising.

  • Professional Appeal: Rental LED screen draws the attention of attendees and catch their interest, making it more likely they will be engaged and attentive during an event. This increases the overall professional appeal of an event, which is particularly important for business events.

In conclusion, rental LED screen suppliers are an essential service for events and businesses that want to enhance their impact and engagement capabilities. The benefits of LED screen rental, including versatility, enhanced advertising impact, and professional appeal, make it a crucial component of any successful business or event. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor solutions, LED screen rental is highly impactful and an essential tool.

Benefits Of Rental LED Screen For Events And Businesses

  • One-stop total solution: The rental led screen manufacturer can provide a one-stop total solution where almost every aspect is covered, from installation to on-site support throughout the event. The event organizer should never be bothered by any technical issue that might arise due to a lack of expertise in managing the LED screen.

  • Flexibility: LED panel rental allows businesses to choose the size and configuration of the display screen that best meets their needs. Rental LED screen suppliers offer a variety of options, from small portable LED screen rental to large LED display screen for rent. The flexibility of rental LED screen easily enables the creation of a customized display solution.

  • Easy setup: Portable LED screen rental offers easy setup and customization of display content. Rental LED screen suppliers often provide technical support staff to help with setup and troubleshooting during events.

  • Improved experience: Rental LED screen offers a high-quality visual experience that captivates audiences and enhances the overall experience. Streaming live video, displaying graphics and images, or showing pre-recorded content are just some ways LED screen rental is used to create a better ambiance for events.

  • Convenient: Rental LED display factory handleds transportation, setup, and maintenance, making it a hassle-free option for businesses. This frees up time and resources that businesses can allocate elsewhere, saving valuable working hours.

  • Cost-effective: The LED screen hire cost will vary depending on factors such as screen size, resolution, duration of rental, and location. However, rental LED display prices are generally more affordable compared to buying a new screen outright. This allows businesses and event organizers to access high-quality LED screens without the upfront investment and ongoing expenses of ownership.

Why Choose Ledtop As Your Rental LED Screen Manufacturer?

  •  Quality: We pride ourselves on offering high-quality China rental LED screen  with reliable and stable performance. Our LED display screens for rent are designed using superior quality materials to ensure they are durable, long-lasting and can withstand the outdoor elements. 

  •  Tailored Solutions: Our rental LED screen solutions are customized based on the unique needs and requirements of our clients. We work directly with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions that meet their expectations. Whether you need an indoor LED screen rental or a China outdoor rental LED display, we have  various LED screen solutions available.

  •  Competitive pricing: As a reputable rental led screen manufacturer, we provide LED rental display at affordable prices without compromising on quality. We believe in keeping our prices competitive and fair so that our clients can get the best value for their money.

  • Technical support: We offer comprehensive technical support, including setup and installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting during events. This ensures that our LED display screen for rent always remain in optimal condition and function without any hassle.

  •  Wide range of products: As a professional rental led screen supplier, we offer a wide range of rental LED display products suitable for various applications, including sports events, exhibitions, concerts, and more. Our product line includes indoor LED screen rental and China outdoor rental LED display to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

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