Tiger Series
Indoor Rental LED Screen

As one of the leading indoor LED screen rental manufacturers, Ledtop focuses on producing screens with high contrast ratios, a lightweight structure, and the ability to be maintained quickly and efficiently.

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Features of Tiger Series Indoor Rental Led Screen

The Tiger series of indoor rental LED display was born to create a big Event site. The 500*500mm panel is flexible and convenient. The pixel pitch of indoor products: 2.6mm and 2.9mm

*Only 7KG each panel, and light cabinet assure faster installation


*Special protector at 4 corners


*Receiving card, hub card, and power supply are integrated into one unit box, providing easy installation.


*Universal module, no need to distinguish left/right or up/down modules.

Application of Tiger Series Indoor Rental LED Screen

  • Led Video Wall Stage

Led Video Wall Stage

Led Video Wall Stage

The LED display screen offered by the professional rental LED screen factory has brilliant and bright color performance, it has brought rich color for the stage performance, the colorful display screen combined with the flexible switching screen lens creates a strong visual impact and artistic appeal for the audience. LED display screen is an indispensable part of the field of stage performance. Contact Ledtop, a leading LED screen rental factory, for more information about LED display screen!

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