Goku is an indoor fixed installation product, which is often used in the hotel conference center, small salons and forums to enhance the atmosphere and grade.

The available pixel pitches of Goku series is G1.9\G2.6\G3.9mm, the cabinet size is 500mm*250mm, 750mm*250mm, 1000mm*250mm, 1250mm*250mm, and the cabinet weight is 2.8KG, 3.8KG, 5.0KG, 6.3KG.

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LEDTOP debuts new products at 2024ISE

Jan 31 2024

LEDTOP debuts new products at 2024ISE
On January 30, with the opening of the 2024 ISE exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, a series of LEDTOP new patented products were launched, bringing a shocking visual feast to customers around the world.D...
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