Understand indoor rental LED screens and fixed LED displays

Nowadays, LED displays have entered thousands of households and are widely used in more and more occasions and activities. Therefore, the corresponding LED display rental is also increasingly favored by event organizers. Whether it is outdoors or indoors, LED displays can be seen. Among them, indoor LED displays are relatively small in size and designed for stores and enterprises with large display windows, as well as organizations that want to achieve certain display goals. Compared to fixed LED displays, rental LED displays are more convenient and practical, and can save a large amount of money spent on directly purchasing LED displays. Do you know the advantages of indoor rental LED screens compared to fixed LED displays?

Comparison between indoor rental LED screens and fixed LED displays

Indoor rental LED screens have the following advantages compared to fixed LED displays:

Display effect: Generally, traditional engineering LED displays only serve the purpose of promotion and only need to play video images. However, indoor rental LED screens need to withstand the test of high-definition cameras and require stricter refresh and display effects, so they require higher configuration.

Box difference: Generally, traditional engineering LED displays are fixed and use simple waterproof boxes or standard waterproof boxes, mainly for fixing and waterproof purposes, so their structure is relatively heavy. For indoor rental LED screens, they need to be disassembled, built and transported frequently, so the structure of the box needs to be easy to disassemble and the weight needs to be light for convenient transportation. Usually, die-cast aluminum boxes are used, which are lightweight, stable, and convenient for installation and disassembly at any time, suitable for holding concerts and stage performances.

Installation method: The box structure of indoor rental LED screens uses a quick lock design for convenient and fast disassembly and installation. The fixed bracket uses a special aircraft frame or a parallel bed frame design, which is convenient for construction. For example, after a concert is finished, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage location for installation, saving time and effort. On the other hand, traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays usually use fixed installation methods. Once the installation position is fixed, they will not be easily moved.

In conclusion, we can see that indoor rental LED screens are lightweight and thin in structure, with lifting and quick installation functions, which can avoid the occurrence of poor contact due to frequent transportation, suitable for quick installation, disassembly, and transportation requirements in rental occasions.