Understand rental LED screens

Rental LED screens, as the name suggests, are rental LED screens that mainly exist in the form of rentals. They can be widely used in stage rentals, dance events, various press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums and other places. However, in addition to good actors and equipment, a good stage performance also requires the safe use of rental LED screens. After all, the use of rental stage screens not only affects the stage performance, but also the personal safety of the performers. So how do we ensure the safe use of rental LED screens?

Ensure the safety precautions for the use of rental LED screens

The technical requirements for installing rental LED screens must meet the standards. Since rental LED screens are devices composed of LED arrays, in order to achieve display effects, support measures cannot be used on the display surface. Therefore, even a slight negligence during construction or use may cause the rental LED screen to tilt or collapse, which can lead to safety accidents. It is also common to report such accidents during performances. Outdoor events can also cause display accidents due to bad weather, so installation and construction of rental LED screens cannot be taken lightly.

The safety control of rental LED screens must be done well. Rental LED screens must first ensure that the design plan is safe and feasible, and are approved by professional institutions with corresponding qualifications. After that, the focus is on the installation and construction of them. Safety in electricity use, grounding technology security, lightning protection, and maintaining a normal temperature inside the screen are crucial. Improper heat dissipation can easily cause internal safety hazards due to temperature increase.

The stability of the steel structure must be ensured when constructing rental LED screens. When building rental LED screens, a formal construction team that meets engineering safety regulations should be chosen, and the rationality of the steel frame structure should be ensured. The construction team should avoid external factors such as strong winds affecting the steel frame structure. In order to ensure the safety of stacking and hoisting, LED screen rental companies must strictly follow the relevant regulations on the maximum number of stacks for stacking and hoisting, and must not exceed the limit to avoid safety hazards.

Choose a reputable and long-established rental LED screen company. When renting LED screens, it is important to choose a reputable and long-established rental LED screen company. Such companies often provide equipment with better quality, and they also regularly update, test, maintain and repair equipment. They have more successful case experience and can provide professional services to enhance the effect of performances.

In conclusion, the above are some aspects to ensure the safe use of rental LED screens. Only by doing so can we effectively ensure the safe use of rental LED screens to a certain extent and avoid safety accidents.