Nowadays, with the increasing number of various entertainment activities and press conferences, the application of rental LED screens has become more and more widespread, and their presence can be seen at important cultural events and other venues. Do you know how to extend the lifespan of rental LED screens?

The quality and production process of rental LED screen equipment

When choosing rental LED screens, you should select a professional manufacturer that can guarantee the use of high-quality raw materials. They have professional standards and specifications when selecting wire, lamp beads, box materials, and accessory materials. They also have professional processes and standards when selecting suppliers and supply chain operations to ensure good quality equipment from the source.

Professional manufacturers usually focus on producing several types of products, which can achieve standardized production and ensure large-scale production. This will not involve low-cost engineering or custom projects, so the production process and quality inspection are more professional and strict. During the long production process, the staff will become more proficient and have professional techniques, which can ensure a high production rate during the product manufacturing process.

Regular maintenance and upkeep during the use of rental LED screens

Daily upkeep and maintenance mainly consist of moisture and impact protection. Of course, rental LED screens come in two types, indoor and outdoor, so the measures to be taken to prevent moisture and impact damage are different, and the protections standards for outdoor screens are higher.

Rental LED screen equipment consists of many LED lamp beads which form the display face based on professional structures. The opening and closing of these lamp beads are controlled through constant current drive, so frequent installation, transportation, and dismantling will shorten the lifespan of the equipment. If some of the lamp beads fail or some drivers malfunction, you must find professional repair personnel for maintenance, do not try to repair them on your own, or you may cause greater damage to the rental LED screen.

In conclusion, the above are the methods for selecting and extending the lifespan of rental LED screens. Through these two aspects, we can effectively extend the lifespan of rental LED screens to a certain extent, making them last longer.