Understanding the rental of LED screens

Currently, the rental market for LED screens is in a high-growth stage, with different rental companies having varying development scales, product features, and pricing. To be successful in such a competitive market, it is essential to understand the development trends of LED rental screens, and to develop high-quality and reliable products while providing excellent customer service. So, what does the future of renting LED screens hold?

The future development of the rental LED screen market

Development towards smaller point-to-point displays: 

In the past two years, LED rental screens with greater precision in their point-to-point spacing have become increasingly popular due to clients' demands for better quality displays. In the future, they will inevitably replace 4K displays, with their corresponding product prices also dropping.

Expansion into more application fields: 

Currently, rental displays are mainly used in different outdoor venues, such as sports stadiums, parks, banks, securities, stages, bars, shopping malls, stations, telecommunication centers, monitoring, schools, and restaurants. In the future, their field of application will be more extensive, for example, in the fields of smart factories and smart cities.

Development towards ultra-light and -thin displays: 

The boxes of rental LED screens usually weigh hundreds of kilograms, some with a thickness of up to 10 cm. These conditions are not conducive to transportation and installation, affecting market promotion. With the maturation of display technology, LED rental screens will improve their material, structure and installation methods and develop lighter, thinner, and higher-definition screens.

Development towards patent protection: 

Due to the fierce competition in the rental market, many enterprises have chosen low-price rentals to expand their scale and grab market orders. However, they are unwilling to invest their capital and energy in research and development. As a result, there have been some instances of display technology plagiarism. To maintain their technological competitive advantage, patent protection will become a future trend.

Development towards standardization: 

Due to the many rental LED screen manufacturers, the quality, price, design, and structure of the products have no unified standard, leading to confusion. Some companies blindly sell at low prices, while others blindly copy designs, causing both customers and manufacturers problems. In the future, products will be standardized. Our products mainly include LED screen rentals and indoor commercial LED displays. We can manufacture most types of LED displays with stable quality and leading designs.

In summary, that is the future direction of the rental LED screen market. LED rental screens are widely used for stage rental, dance activities, various press releases, exhibitions, sports fields, theaters, auditoriums, conference rooms, multi-function halls, entertainment venues, TV New Year's Eve parties, and important cultural activities across provinces and major cities.