Outdoor advertising business has developed rapidly in China market in recent years. This ''fast'' is not only reflected in the continuous expansion of the industrial scale in a short time but also in the ''fast'' launch of emerging outdoor media forms and their recognition and acceptance by the market. Outdoor advertising, as the oldest form of media, has great vitality. From woodcarving plaques, and lantern flags to computer spray painting, neon signs, and liquid crystal electronic displays, we have always followed the development of the times and innovated ourselves, and the market scale has become larger and larger.  LED electronic displays have become the main force of outdoor advertising LED. Many factories choose to retail led display which has significantly enhance the shopping experience of customers by providing engaging and informative digital content. According to the data of Prospective Industry Research Institute's Market Prospecting and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report of China Advertising Industry, in 2015, the scale of China's Internet advertising market reached 209.67 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36.1%; In 2015, TV advertising revenue was 121.969 billion yuan, down 4.6% year on year; Newspapers were 32.408 billion yuan, down 35.4% year on year; Magazine was 6.546 billion yuan, down 19.8% year-on-year, and broadcasting was 13.43 billion yuan, up 1.1% year-on-year; In 2015, the total advertising of the four traditional media industries of radio, television, newspapers and periodicals was 174.353 billion yuan, which was lower than the scale of the Internet advertising market.

Energy-saving LED displays will become the trend.

In the 21st century, outdoor advertising has already broken through the single form of shop-style billboards, and more new outdoor media have appeared-car body advertisements, bus shelter advertisements, subway station advertisements, elevator advertisements, high column advertisements, three-sided advertisements, wall advertisements, roof advertisements, neon lights, LED displays, etc. According to different the application scenarios, LED displays include concert led screens, meeting room led screens and so on. After the appearance of energy-saving LED displays, the control of power consumption has been greatly improved, and the use of high light efficiency LED chips does not cut corners; Adopt a high-efficiency switching power supply to greatly improve the power conversion efficiency; Excellent screen heat dissipation design to reduce the power consumption of the fan; In designing a scientific overall circuit scheme, the power consumption of internal circuits is reduced; According to the change of external environment, the brightness of outdoor LED display screen is automatically adjusted, thus achieving the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

In recent years, LED screen manufacturers have focused on the research and development of energy-saving LED displays. Many display companies in the industry have introduced ultra-low power consumption and energy-saving LED products, adopting high-efficiency and low-energy chip designs, which will save about 50% of energy on the basis of the power consumption of traditional displays.