Understanding rental LED screens:

The leasing of LED screens refers to an LED display screen that mainly exists in the form of leasing. In our daily lives, it is the background screen used for viewing performances or artistic shows. Compared to traditional LED display screens, rental LED screens have more advantages and are very suitable for large scenes and shocking effects, allowing performers and audiences to merge into one, creating an immersive experience. Do you know what advantages rental LED screens have compared to traditional LED display screens?

Advantages of rental LED screens compared to traditional LED display screens:

Low error rate and seamless splicing: 

The traditional box structure of the LED display screen is processed using sheet metal processing methods. Iron or aluminum plates are formed by bending and welding in production. However, due to the large error rate and easy deformation of this type of processing method, it is difficult to meet the seamless splicing requirements of the display screen, with errors reaching millimeters. However, the aluminum box structure used in rental LED screens is produced by combining modular forming and machine processing techniques, and can control the error rate within one-tenth of a millimeter, completely meeting the requirements of seamless splicing.

Quick installation:

As the box structure is made of aluminum, it is lighter in weight and has a higher precision, making disassembly and installation quicker and easier. Technicians can splice individual box structures within minutes, greatly reducing installation and disassembly time and saving labor costs.

Longer lifespan: 

The component that affects the lifespan of the LED display screen is the light-emitting diode (LED), and high temperatures are the biggest threat to the LED. The good heat dissipation of the aluminum box structure allows for a relatively stable ambient temperature, greatly extending the lifespan of the display screen.

User-friendly design

Rental LED screens also have a very user-friendly design that traditional LED display screens lack. Just like computer and mobile phone software backup functions, rental LED screens can also have dual backups. This is especially useful for stage performances and other large-scale events. If there are playback anomalies or situations where video cannot be played, rental LED screens can use backup videos to save the day. The backup video stored in the leased screen can be played normally and the picture quality is very clear, without affecting the performance effect and progress. Even in situations where the signal is unstable or there is a power failure, the video can still be played normally. This is one of the key reasons why rental LED screens are used in large-scale performances.

Convenient for after-sales maintenance

Rental LED screens need to be used repeatedly. For example, after an event is held, the screens need to be disassembled, transported to another location, and re-installed. Frequent disassembly and installation can easily cause damage. Therefore, the development team needs to fully understand the customer's needs and simulate customer site use before designing leased products. They also need to consider how to reduce damage caused by disassembly and installation, as well as the ease of maintenance after damage has occurred.