Indoor rental LED screens are used in indoor stores and entertainment venues

Some indoor stores in shopping malls have large storefront windows at the entrance, displaying product features or brand image. Indoor rental LED screens are typically placed here to increase exposure and attract potential customers. These indoor rental LED screens used in indoor stores require high-quality images and natural colors, as well as energy efficiency to reduce store costs. In addition, indoor rental LED screens are installed above different shelves in the store to display product prices, promotions, or other detailed information. These indoor rental LED screens need to be flexible in size and have a certain degree of curvature according to the design of the shelves.

LED display screens are widely used in indoor entertainment venues such as bars, KTVs, and nightclubs. Bars and nightclubs are places that mobilize customer emotions according to different themes and atmospheres needed. Therefore, ceiling LED display screens are needed to create a cheerful and stimulating atmosphere in entertainment venues. In addition, indoor rental LED screens can be seen on bar counters, displaying product information. Due to high customer demands for entertainment experiences, entertainment venues prefer indoor rental LED screens that provide high-quality and smooth images.

Indoor rental LED screens are applied to restaurants, hotels, and resorts

Most restaurants have large indoor rental LED screens at the order counter to display dishes or promotions. Restaurant indoor rental LED screens require large sizes and high brightness to allow customers sitting far away to see the content on the display screens.

There is a large indoor rental LED screen above the front desk, displaying the occupancy status of hotel rooms and announcing notices. In addition, walls around the hotel lobby are also installed with indoor rental LED screens to display current events or promotional activities of the hotel and resort. In this case, indoor rental LED screens for hotels and resorts need to be of medium size, energy-efficient, and provide clear and smooth images.

Indoor rental LED screens are used for indoor advertising and film shooting

For some virtual scenes in film and advertising shooting, the traditional method of using a green screen as the background requires laborious post-production, undoubtedly increasing production and time costs. However, as the advantages of indoor rental LED screens in film and advertising shooting gradually emerge, more and more film and television companies prefer to produce LED display screen backgrounds instead of using green screens for virtual scene shooting to reduce post-processing costs. Virtual production LED walls require large sizes, high brightness, high-definition image quality, and natural colors to meet the high requirements of film and television production.