In recent years, fine pitch led display factories have been more and more widely used in the application field of indoor high-precision display, and more and more application cases have prompted the continuous research and development of products with smaller pixel spacing. The concept of ''Fine Pitch Led Screen'' has defined a new scope for high-density full-color LED display.

Generally speaking, ''micro spacing'' mainly refers to products with pixel spacing less than 2.0MM (P2.0), and fine pitch led display factories are unstoppable.

Then there is a problem. With the development trend of ''no minimum but smaller'', fine pitch Led screens have a higher threshold than traditional LED displays. The fine pitch Led screens also perform well in such indicators as refresh rate, grayscale, and utilization rate of LED lights. Overcoming these technical difficulties involves LED control system, LED driver IC, PCB design, LED selection and other aspects. Because of its high requirements for technology, capital, production and research capabilities, the investment of enterprises will inevitably increase. The core competitiveness of small spaces in the future will be mainly reflected in stability, reliability, user-level maintenance, display and control schemes, interaction, intelligence, clustering, etc.

It constantly impacts our vision, and the pursuit of technology is endless. All enterprises are making every effort to develop vigorously. The market's pursuit of better display effects will emerge. Therefore, fine pitch led display factories will not stop storing technology with smaller spacing.