Outdoor media advertising is not only the embodiment of urban economic and commercial prosperity but also the epitome of urban culture and quality. They carry the brand logo, name, culture and the organic combination of the brand, and have a decisive influence on spreading and shaping the brand image.

Nowadays, outdoor advertising has been more and more widely used in the scenes we live in, and its forms are more diverse.

According to the data of relevant institutions, the average weekly arrival rate of outdoor LED screen media is 61.8%, the average weekly arrival frequency in the business district is 3.8 times, and the average monthly arrival rate is 79.3%. 30% of the audience actively pays attention to outdoor LED screen media, and the average single-eye stay of the audience is 15.1 seconds. In order to attract the attention of passersby, most companies tend to choose led screens for outdoor advertising. Therefore, the demand for led screen retail factories is also increasing.

On the one hand, LED display screen has a relatively stable and repeatedly contacted audience, which plays an important role in the effective transmission and understanding of information; On the other hand, the problems of light pollution and safety caused by outdoor advertising LED display have become increasingly prominent.

In this environment, where will the future of outdoor LED go?

When designing the display screen, outdoor LED screen manufacturer should first consider the prevention and control of light pollution. Outdoor led display manufacturer should pay more attention to improvement in the technical field, make use of various ''sophisticated'' technologies, the birth of outdoor small spaces and great progress in the control systems, and make the outdoor field enter the high-end commercial display market.

We should also closely combine the current hot topics such as the ''sharing economy'' and make more reasonable use of outdoor advertising screens in a wider range. Therefore, it would be advisable to rent from a reliable rental LED display factory to fully and reasonably allocate resources, which can also assist in reducing the issue of vacant large screens. Moreover, with the further integration of LED display screen with the latest cutting-edge technologies VR/AR, naked-eye 3D, face recognition, interaction, etc., the future prospect of outdoor LED advertising big screen is immeasurable.

The application of intelligent mode in outdoor LED advertising screen is also the general trend in the future. The change from quantitative change to qualitative change will not only bring huge development opportunities but also indicate the future direction of industrial development for emerging manufacturing industries including LED industry.