With the development of the economy, LED display screens have become an indispensable configuration in shopping malls. Commercial LED display screens are generally used for brand promotion and product sales, which can create a good shopping atmosphere and stimulate the purchasing atmosphere of consumers. At the same time, with the increasing demand for various product advertisements, advertising forms have gradually evolved from traditional newspapers and television to today's LED display screens which combine novel technological texture and aesthetics. This has spawned new types of LED display screens such as glass screens, irregular screens, and flexible screens to display advertisements, which are widely used in various shopping malls.

The role of commercial led display screens

  • Commercial led display screens can show products comprehensively and in multiple directions, and present the uniqueness of products more perfectly through detailed display.

  • Installing commercial led display screens in storefronts can improve the quality of the store.

  • Commercial led display screens have lighting effects, which can play a unique role in creating a distinctive image.

  • They can be used to play enterprise product information and related knowledge in the industry, which can raise awareness and improve thinking.

  • In promotions or advertising job postings, they can serve as bulletin boards.

  • Through the use of display screens, welcome and celebratory messages for festivals can be played to create an atmosphere. 

The advantages of commercial LED display screens

  • They use an automatically adjustable brightness adjustment system. Commercial LED display screens can adjust the screen brightness to lower than 60% of the surrounding environment brightness based on the different time and location environment brightness, thus avoiding light pollution.

  • They use multi-level gray correction technology. Popular commercial LED display screens use 14bit color display levels in the control system, allowing colors to be properly refracted in the display levels, reducing color hardness, and making the picture softer for viewers to avoid discomfort with light. 

  • Reasonable selection of installation positions. Commercial LED display screens have certain considerations in terms of viewing distance and angle. The display area needs to be planned with viewing distance and angle in mind to display a more perfect picture. High-definition full-color LED display screens for shopping malls indoors.

There are many brands and models of commercial LED display screens on the market, but not everyone understands their functions clearly. Through the above introduction of the functions and advantages of commercial LED display screens, it is believed that many people can make full use of them to better promote product information, attract more target customers, and increase their profits on a large scale.